Re: what is ASIC

From: smf <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 09:09:56 +0100
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On 29/07/2016 13:11, Gerrit Heitsch wrote:
> This way they could get at signals you usually can't get to. At least 
> not without a miscroscope and a VERY fine probe.

It was a few years later, but MOS/CSG could get in pretty much anywhere.

> I read somewhere that turnaround time was less than a week for MOS in 
> this regard.

Any profitable chip fab is going to have production booked months in 
advance and a small batch would cost about the same as a large batch 
because all the money is in the setup. MOS/CSG however have an incentive 
to put their own chips at the front of the queue. Especially if it 
delayed the production of mask roms for Atari 2600 cartridges.

I'm surprised that people haven't started making their own wafers at 
home yet.

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