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> On 2016-07-29, at 19:32, Jim Brain <> wrote:
>> The two revisions of C64DTV prototypes were FPGA boards, but once the FPGA design was finalized, it was made into an ASIC for mass production.  And yes, it was a single-chip re-implementation of the C64, so the VIC, SID, CIAs, 6510, etc. were all included in the single ASIC.
> The code was a mix of schematic capture, VHDL, and Verilog, as I recall, but the ASIC vendor could only convert CHDL to netlists.  I seem to recall Jeri doing a lot of rewriting at the very end to get all of the project into VHDL so it could be converted to an ASIC.
> That said, the entire design was digital, so she managed to coax composite out of the digital pins. I suspect that some of the resistors on the PCB make up an R2R or similar.

And - BTW - If I recall correctly the skewed PAL colours in the European model were due to incorrect resistors on the board.


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