Re: 8280 drive mechanisms?

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 17:04:35 +0200
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>> Does anyone have an 8280 and would be so kind as to have a look and say what drive mechanisms were/are installed there?

> On 2016-07-29, at 16:27, Nils Eilers <> wrote:
> The CBM 8280 used standard shugart compatible drives made by Tandon: TM 848-2

> On 2016-07-29, at 15:13, william degnan <> wrote:
> My guess is that the 8280 would use the 8" Tandon drive equiv of the 8250, which I believe is a rel. standard Tandon (not sure the model off-hand).  I don't recall any MPI or Micropolis drives in 8250's.  I think by then they were only using Tandon drives.

Do we know if an "original" Shugart like SA850/851 would fit/work in an 8280?


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