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... and when it comes out of TED it is called BA

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> Or changed, I'd say. Actually I recall seeing _HALT or _HLT more than
> once in the old days (and not from your posts, Gerrit :-). I even
> remember that I was later looking "where the heck is that pin about
> halting the CPU?!" before I realised it's named differently. Don't ask
> me where it was though.

As the 6800 pin is called "-HALT", that might be the reason why some
people called it so on the 6502, too. ;)

I believe the MOS hardware manual introduced the name RDY, but it also
directly compared it to the HALT on the 6800 (chapter 1.2.1, p. 12, on
Hardware Manual from Janury 1976, 2nd edition, Revision A,


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