Re: GAL image from UE6 of 8296D

Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 21:21:41 +0200
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> Am 19.07.2016 um 01:28 schrieb A. Fachat:
>> The image (I think) and at least the GAL equations should be on the
>> zimmers archive

> On 2016-07-19, at 15:07, Christian Dirks <> wrote:
> I would be very interested in a JEDEC file
> to program new 82S100s / PLS100s for UE6.
> Unfortunately, I only could get my hands on MOS PLAs,
> which can not be read as original 82S100.

If the equations are available, I seem to be almost trough the process of getting some usable GAL JEDECs. Need to still find some time to test it but I found the old "Galaxy" software that compiles VHDL for PALs. Then there is the PAL2GAL tool, which should be able to convert this into GAL-palatable JEDECs.

P. S. No, ispLever doesn't work here :-(

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