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>> C64 uses an 8-pin/262deg DIN connector for AV - does anyone know the exact mechanical placements of the last two pins, which are out of the 7mm circle's bounds?
> ... as well as the central pin, which seems to lay also in a different place when compared to the 270 degrees variant..
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> 8b (vs. 8a) on p.6:

TNX it is better than what I found. The best one I found was the Amphenol's PDF but it didn't include the measurements of the 262 variant. This one includes and is a step forward (I can see that the central pin is actually 0.9mm off-center as opposed to 0.7) but the outer circle diameter is still a mystery.


... And the offset is 41 degrees instead of 45... ;-)

Why not just measure it? 

And why do you need it in the first place? Going to make your own?


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