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For grins, I read Usenet news via - it's Usenet - 30 
years.  Pretty neat ( for details).

I was reading through net.micro.cbm and ran across the message attached 
below.  Are the listed fixes IN the -03 ROM, or are they in a -04?
(It's kind of neat to run across posts made by Fred Bowen & Dave 


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                 SU: Release Notes 1571 ROM upgrade
                 FM: D. Siracusa
                 DT: 05/20/86
                 Rev. to ROM 310654-03

           I would appreciate any comments to the bugs or anomolies
           listed below before I make release for the 1571.

       1.  Previously during a BURST GCR FORMAT the  activity  led  was
           not activated.  This has been remedied (1571).

       2.  A bug in routine 'STLBUF' prevented  buffer  allocation  and
           caused the SAVE@ bug.  This has been remedied (1541/1571).

       3.  The 1571 Burst Load Utility would not load  'Locked  Files'.
           This has been remedied (1571).

       4.  A bug in routine 'TSTATN' caused device not present  errors,
           the irq source was never cleared in the 6522.  This has been
           remedied (1541/1571).

       5.  Previously an active collect in 1541  emulation  mode  would
           write  a zero to the double sided flag in the BAM.  This has
           been remedied (1541/1571).

       6.  Previously BAM allocation on side one would  write  the  BAM
           image  to the diskette every access.  This has been remedied

       7.  In Routine 'SPINP' interrupts from SP  (fast  serial  input)
           were not enabled properly, this has been remedied but has no
           affect on the operation of the serial bus (1571).

       8.  Previously if a copy was performed addressing drive one, the
           error  channel  would  return status 00, OK,00,00.  This has
           been remedied (1541/1571).

       9.  Motor acceleration time for the MFM controller was too  long
           and  affected  performance  when  reading and writing in MFM
           format.  This has been remedied (1571).

       10. Previously  determining   whether   a   diskette   was   GCR
           double-sided  or  single-sided  would  take  too long due to
           valid sync  pulses  found  on  'flippy  diskettes'  and  MFM
           diskettes.  This has been remedied (1571).

       11. Previously the rom test did not check the first page in  ROM
           memory.  This has been remedied (1571).

       12. Previously while loading files using the Burst Load  Utility
           retries were not performed properly.  This has been remedied

       13. Due to a bug in  routine  'USEDTS'  a  block  not  available
           status  was returned when blocks free were equal to 3.  This
           has been remedied (1541/1571).

       14. With multiple files open and sectors  being  allococated  on
           both  sides  the  BAM swapper mechanism would trash BAM side
           one.  This has been remedied (1571).

           NOTE:  Below (1541/1571) implies that the bug occured in the
           1541  as  well as the 1571 disk drive.  While (1571) implies
           that the bug only occured in the 1571 disk drive.

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