Re: MOnSter 6502

From: smf <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 17:21:23 +0100
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On 18/05/2016 15:22, Travis Fisher wrote:
> It is NOT missing any instructions : they implemented the full 
> transistor set from visual 6502,

It doesn't mean that they all work. It's not like this is just a copy 
and paste, the size affects things and solving those problems affects 
other things. And on and on.

> They say they hope to hit a speed of 0.5mhz.  So only 50% off of 
> classic CBM.

The are saying between tens or hundreds of hertz, so even 500hz would 
sound quite high.

It's likely to be more useful on a custom board than any existing design.

I don't quite get it, the Amiga chipset were originally wirewrapped. 
They may not have hit the same speed as the eventual custom chips, but 
they clearly exceeded the speed this is running at. So there must be 
something about the original 6502 design (someone more knowledgeable 
than me suggested it was due to dynamic cells and a fully static design 
would suffer less).

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