Commodore PC20-III keyboard

Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 14:23:31 +0200
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Hallo allemaal,

Another keyboard died on me :( Now I'm only left with two (AFAIK). 
The PC20-III is a nice computer but its major problem is that it 
only accepts a dedicated Commodore keyboar. Thus no PC XT neither
PC AT keyboard. And yes, I even tried an A2000 KB. 

Does anybody know if there is a replacement for this KB?

Another possiblity:

This project enables one to connect an AT keyboard to a PC-XT 
(compatible). In my case I use it to connect my KVM switch to these 
machines. It could be used to make an "AT-to-PC20 keyboard 
Converter". But then I first have to find out what kind of protocol 
C= uses.

Any idea is welcome!

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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