Re: Can we identify this?

Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 20:15:35 +0200
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> On 2016-04-20, at 16:18, wrote:
> well spotted (i think "turbo trans" and "turbo access" are the same thing, see 
> page 8)

Das TURBOACCESS- bzw. TURBOTRANS. Yeah. AFAIR they still had TURBOPROZESS at some point. But that was supposed to be the SuperCPU killer ;-)

> On Wednesday 20 April 2016, 10:09:26 David Wood <> wrote:
>> The board layout on page 7 (pdf page 9) of
>> um.pdf matches this board, including the named discrete logic chips and the
>> trimmer below the passthrough slot.

Indeed - so this tired board is only a part of das TURBOACCESS- bzw. TURBOTRANS

>>> On Wednesday 20 April 2016, 15:23:44 wrote:
>>> looks like the first version of turbo access to me, compare with this
>>> (v2.7):

I never had one. And additionally was kind of distracted by the two empty 24-pin sockets. Was Das TURBOACCESS- bzw. TURBOTRANS the one that buffered the whole floppy in RAM?

I "liked" their explanations on installation in the 1541 and that the fact that they made a product that doesn't fit there solved the overheating issues of the drive ;-)


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