Re: Broken actuator on JU570-2

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 00:46:55 +0100
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Now you say that I realise it's not such a good photo. The block to the left is a fixed part of the mechanism and the steel shaft rotates through that when the latch is opened and closed. The cracked plastic part is a cam which rotates on the shaft and pushes the hub clamp down. 


On 23 March 2016 00:26:00 CET, Justin <> wrote:
>Is that just a cracked sleeve, or are the sleeve and the larger block
>to the left a single component?
>> On Mar 22, 2016, at 4:05 PM, Rob Clarke <>
>> Hello Gents,
>> A bit of a long shot here. This week I have mostly been going through
>my drives re-capping those that use the JU570-2 mechanisms with the
>leaking capacitor issue.
>> The drives in my 8250LP work perfectly now, but one of them has a
>broken actuator on the latch shaft, it's the one that actually pushes
>the hub clamp down. Taking a picture in the light of my study with a
>cruddy compact camera didn't work so well, but I think you can see the
>> On the off-chance does anyone have a junked mechanism with a good
>> cheers, Rob
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