Re: Commodore 65 and DIN8 cable

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 15:44:18 +0100
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> On 2016-03-02, at 11:08, Michał Pleban <> wrote:
>> Obviously I can't check this myself ;-) but if there are any EMI filtering elements on the signal's way out, those can be sometimes causing similar problems to what you describe.
> A quick look at the motherboard show that it's probable - there are
> several capacitors labeled EMI91x soldered around the connector.
> Do you have any suggestion on what to do with them?

Well, I can imagine that with this kind of board you don't want to remove/replace those unless proven necessary to do so. What I would probably do first in such situation is that I'd check if I could make the lines "open" f. e. by removing socketed ICs or so and measure all of the lines, checking for noticeable differences in capacity/resistance among them.


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