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I’m a bit surprised by the complaints here because the “Make Personal” version of Eagle (which I use) is basically targeted directly at the hacker/hobbyist/tinkerer and is $169.  That gets you 6 signal layers and 160x100mm routing area. That seems like reasonable bang for the buck considering what it does and what it includes.  Everyone else on this list is a more hard core hardware hacker than me (including probably the guy that asked about good tutorials today!) so maybe my use fits easily in that because I’m not doing anything all that complicated.

I compare the experience with buying Eagle as a hobbyist to say… SolidWorks.


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>> On 2016-01-06, at 18:16, wrote:
>> So far I still use Eagle 5.10 because I have a full linsence for it 
>> and people with a newer version can read my files. But the other way 
>> around becomes more and more a problem. I could buy the newest Eagle 
>> but I can only install it on one computer. I can copy 5.10 to a USB 
>> stick and use it on any Windows computer (and thus on my work during 
>> breaks :)
> That's how greed destroys great products :-( I am in a quite similar position as you. When I first tried EAGLE (version two on DOS), there was no gEDA/KiCAD. When I returned to EAGLE (V4 at that time), KiCAD was unusable so I bought EAGLE licence. Then I bought another licence. Then they changed their packages/variants and licencing schemes and offered no usable upgrade to what I already bought twice and asked me to pay full price for "upgrade" and with limits on where I can install it/etc. Which is why they didn't get any more money from me :-(
>> So I'm thinking about switching to Kicad, a free and open source 
>> project. It seems I can convert my Eagle files and libraries to 
>> Kicad and that is a plus.
>> Any comments or suggestions are welcome!
> The last time I checked (at the time of EAGLE V7.0), KiCAD seemed to be already a viable contender. And I saw quite impressive projects done using KiCAD/gEDA. So I was tempted already a number of times to eventually do the switch. The main problem is that when I get some time out of other duties, and get to my designs - I want to get something done with them rather than spend the precious time learning another tool. Yes, I know that this approach is keeping me back so I promise myself to eventually bite the bullet but didn't do anything except a "Hello, world!" type of stuff with KiCAD so far. Maybe you can be the one who eventually gives me the needed kick and motivation? Would be great to hear from you on the matter.
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