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From: Clockmeister <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 19:59:31 +0800
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On 8/01/2016 6:31 PM, Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:
> Hallo Jim, Patryk,
> Jim> but I am so productive on Eagle
> SD> I want to get something done with them rather than spend the precious time learning another tool.
> Same problem over here. But the is a solution IMHO: start learning Kicad but do the quick jobs in Eagle. The moment you have a bit time left, you convert the jobs to Kicad afterwards.
> Just as test I converted a SCH and that looked good. But my main concern are my self made libraries. If I cannot convert them, I don't know what to do: stick to Eagle or recreate them by hand? Anyway that is the next step. I'll keep you informed about the progress.

Just on this topic, can anyone point to a tutorial that starts at 
complete noob level for either Kicad or Eagle which is easy to follow 
and that guides through the process from start to finish?

I'm wanting to do some PCB's but really don't know where to start.

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