Re: Monjana/1 assembler

From: Bo Zimmerman <>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2015 01:44:46 -0600
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On 12/7/2015 12:18 PM, wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> ...
> FYI: the EPROM has a sticker with the text 'MON 697B'. I have some
> other EPROMs with codes. Could this mean that someone/Commodore gave
> all (third party) EPROMs their own code? If so, is there a list
> available?
> --
> Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

You know, Ruud, I see those little 2-byte hex numbers on roms fairly 
often, even official ones.  Usually when there are printed stickers on 
the eproms.

I always assumed they were a checksum, or crc or something. However, I 
ran the binary you gave us through a program that spits out every single 
kind of hash, checksum, or crc imaginable, and that binary did not 
produce $697b for any of them.  So unless there is some calculation I'm 
not aware of, I have to say that I don't know either.

- Bo

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