Re: Commodore 65 and 1581 incompatibility

From: HÁRSFALVI Levente <>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2015 10:50:52 +0100
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Hi Michau!,

On 2015-11-20 08:22, Michał Pleban wrote:
> ...
> This looks exactly how my drive is behaving, it throws errors "drive not
> ready" or "disk write protected" and then reinserting the disk often
> solves the problems. So it seems very likely that these contacts are not
> working properly.
> Now the question is, how easy would it be to disassemble the drive to
> clean the contacts? I would not like to danage it obviously as finding a
> replacement is difficult.

At least I have performed that on a regular FB-354 (rev E?...) of an 
A500+ successfully. (This sort of problem seems to be very common 
amongst old A500s, especially if they had been stored in a less than 
suitable place. The drive that I fixed wasn't actually mine, I had 
bought it as a replacement from eBay, and had to fix it first before I 
could install it in my A500+). That one was at least fairly serviceable 
I'd say. Even the small microswitches in subject could be desoldered and 
taken apart pretty safely. (I was paranoid and disassembled them on a 
piece of white towel so that I won't lose any of the small parts :-), 
but otherwise, it was easy). The question left, is whether the drive in 
the C65 is a close relative of the FB-354. (I haven't seen that variant 
yet, so I can't decide, although I'd presume yes).

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