Re: Commodore 65 and 1581 incompatibility

Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 13:13:27 +0100
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On Thursday 19 November 2015, 13:06:02 wrote:
> > On 2015-11-19, at 09:32, wrote:
> >> Some drives work reliably only with its own formatted disks due to
> >> (mis)alignment so this is not a fully reliable method of checking the
> >> compatibility.
> > 
> > yes. but misaligned drives are extremely uncommon with 3.5" drives
> If we talk general (all brands/models) 3.5" then, statistically you are
> fully right. But you wouldn't say so if you have spent countless hours
> realigning countless number of FB-354s, which is what we most probably talk
> here about in both the 1581 and the C65 cases.

usually 3.5" drives that are misaligned just get the hammer treatment here - 
they can be replaced easily after all :)


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