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From: Michał Pleban <>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 00:33:19 +0200
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Simon. wrote:

> Unfortunately I forgot to check my C900 mainboards when I visited my storage this evening. I will try to check if I can decipher my hires photos.

I asked the seller for a hires photo. That should be easier to decipher.

> For both it seems that circuit diagrams are available. The LR graphics card contains only standard parts, only the PALs are custom. The controller is a standard 6845b.

Not true. There is no schematic for the hard disk controller. Also,
there are no equations for the PAL chips, without them it's not possible
to recreate the graphic board.

Without the graphic card and HDD controller the only thing you can do is
to connect a 5.25 drive from the SFD-1001 (possibly two - I haven't
checked it but there are two disk ports so it should work) and run
Coherent on the RS-232 line - it will be slow as hell and you will not
get many commands because the system fits on three diskettes.

> Me, too... 8-))

In that case we should decide who gets the board, otherwise we will go
into a bidding war :-)


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