Re: First VIC 20 European motherboard

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 13:34:19 +0200
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Hmmm, when I was looking for a cable for my VIC-1001, the standard 
'figure 8' power cables (C7) definitely didn't fit. Looking on the 
wikipedia page the pin spacing for the C7 cable is 8.6mm whereas the C1 
cable which I used is 6.6mm.

You would have thought someone would have developed an iphone/android 
app by now which would allow you take a picture of a plug and redirect 
you to an online retailer...


On 21/08/2015 12:32, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Rob Clarke wrote:
>> There is two types of two prong plugs for the VIC. The European PAL 
>> versions had the square ones with the divider between the pins while 
>> the NTSC and Japanese ones had IEC 320 C1/C2 plugs.
> Yup. With the risk of hi-jacking the topic, does anyone know of a plug
> that reasonably well fits the European two-prong with the divider? The
> US/Japanese one with more narrow pins can be emulated with a standard
> two-prong power cable, given that you have a beefy enough 9VAC
> transformer in the other end so you don't accidentally plug it
> straight into the wall outlet, but that kind of cable even when split
> in the middle won't mate with the thicker pins on the European one.
> Best regards
> Anders Carlsson
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