Re: First VIC 20 European motherboard

From: Clockmeister <>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 17:07:21 +0800
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I checked both my remaining PAL units are ass. # 324003 with serial 
numbers 119265 and 352565.
Sadly I no longer have the Japanese made PAL VIC-20 that I once had 
since I'm positive it had the same board as in the pic as I remember 
noting that the board had a prototype look to it and was much more basic 
then my other VIC's.
Curiously that particular VIC was boxed and looked brand new with 
everything still wrapped but had a strangest looking 2 prong power 
supply that wasn't Commodore branded and nothing like any other I had 
ever seen before or since and it wasn't home made. Even the keyboard was 
slightly different in some way and there was something different about 
the label.
It also never worked out of the box. I thought it might have been an 
early dealer demo unit that never worked and was shelved but that is 
pure speculation on my part. IIRC I sold it about 13 years ago to 
someone named Carlo(s)? in a bulk lot at my then place in the Swan 
Valley near Perth WA in case that person is a member of this forum and 

I should have kept it in hindsight.

On 21/08/2015 4:18 PM, Rob Clarke wrote:
> I've got 2 very early PAL VIC's stashed somewhere in my warehouse with 
> serial numbers < 1000. I'll see if I can dig them out over the weekend 
> and have a look.
> Rob
> On 20/08/2015 13:21, Oldcomputr wrote:
>> Hi all, this is my first message on the cbm-hackers list, so I will
>> introduce myself .-)
>> I've been collecting old computers and peripherals since 1994; I love
>> stuff from the 70s or 80s, mostly Commodore and Apple but I'm
>> interested in everything from the dawn of the home computer era. I
>> have a few consoles and games, too.
>> I am trying to figure out the motherboard model of the first PAL
>> VIC20s sold in Europe.
>> I thought that it was the 324003 board (fab. no. 324002-02, while the
>> -01 was ntsc) but I found this:
>> that shows a PAL 1001006 board.
>> It misses the label and the serial number, so it might be some
>> prototype or demo unit... or not?
>> Do you have - or are you aware of - any PAL VIC20 with that board?
>> Thanks,
>> Giacomo
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