Re: Giday from Australia! :)

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 17:54:05 +0200
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>> SFD-1001 's [..]  I don't know how common these are now.
> Up until a handful years ago, I believe those were considered terribly rare but then someone in Germany inherited a warehouse full of Commodore stuff including plenty of most everything, so with that addition they migh've gone from rare to highly uncommon.
> But alas in the big lot I found, I didn't spot any SFD-1001 and I'd be mildly upset if SD did when he sorted through all the leftover items he picked up from the same batch. :)

Anders, since you haven't gotten a lorry, you had to cherry pick all the best items long before I was able to put my nose in there :-))

But in order not to upset you even mildly, I can assure you that no SFDs of mine come from the gold mine you were so kind to share the coordinates with me and Ruud once :-)

I got one from ebay (or another auction site - don't remember which one exactly now) and the other I got from Ruud as a replacement for a non-working one I had from the old times. He was as always generous and gave me a working unit one to one for a broken...


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