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Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 20:05:20 +0200
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I’m a collector from Sweden. Mainly Commodore. And mainly PETs.

I have several projects to choose from for the moment, but my main focus is repairing a couple of disk drives for the PET.

I don’t have any spare 8250-LP’s at the moment, but i know of a guy who’s probably going to sell a couple of them later this year.

I’ve been looking for the Punter BBS disks for quite some time, so i’m glad you have them in your possession :)

Best regards

Den 12 aug 2015 04:07 skrev "vk4akp" < <>>:
Hi Guy's, I just stumbled upon "cbm-hackers" while Googling some stuff on
IEEE-488. :)
Very pleased to find you guys!

A bit about me.

Ex CBM outlet employee of some 10ish years from back in the 80's.
Started on Vic-20 > c64 > A1000 > A2000 > A3000 (Now very interested in what
I have missed c128 etc!) :)
Ran BBS's on all. (Punter then Paradox / Cnet + lots of others).
Also a keen interest in communications, Amateur Radio, Alternative energy;
Living; Health; etc.

These days I maintain a nice collection of retro gear that I constantly try
and collect.
I find my hobbies cross over greatly and mix nicely. Ham Radio <> Retro
Computing <> Solar etc.

I love IEEE-488 but am still in search of a 8250LP or SFD-1001 (100i).
I have some Punter BBS disks that I'm sure the software is lost to time.
I have no idea if they can still read but if I can ever get my hands on a
compatible 100TPI drive I'd love to attempt recovery of the software.

I also have Catweasel & KryoFlux Disk archiving tools.

I think that's about it for now.
Love to hear from other keen users on their projects and interests.

~ Ken - vk4akp ~ <>
(Contact me via my nick on gmail!)

Ex CBM Outlet employee. In a parallel universe the world still runs on Commodore there is no IBM or Apple! ;) <>
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