Re: Aw: JU570-2 caps and fix

From: HÁRSFALVI Levente <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 09:36:13 +0200
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On 2015-07-21 09:34, Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I did exactly that, and it works fine :) I had some 10µF ceramic SMD caps left over from Amiga repairs. I'm not sure about the voltage rating which I used, though.

Thanks :-), I ordered the caps yesterday and will make an attempt to fix 
the drives this week. (I'll probably have to deal with the machine first 
so that I'd have something to test the drives with.)

> I think I did the same when I repaired my MSD-SD2 drive, which also suffered from leaking electrolytics. This one doesn't work 100% yet, because the amplifier board in one of the drives had some more severe damage, and after the repair it reads disks, but writing won't work yet.

My worst such experience so far has been the internal drive of my A600 
(a Panasonic JU-253). I managed to revive the unit, but I spent lots of 
time finding all the corroded traces and rewiring everything in such 
small space. The result doesn't really look nice, either ;-), but it at 
least works.

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