Re: 110V to 220V

From: Michał Pleban <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 13:02:02 +0200
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Hello! wrote:

>> Since I will be moving out of the country,
> Because of today's elections? ;-)

Hahaha, not really ;-) I have been planning it for quite some time.

> I heard that in former 110V-only countries you should be able to get a
> 230V power line without much problems these days. Someone living in
> those would have to confirm though.

I heard that too, but in the bginning I will be living in a rented
house, I am not sure if the owner would allow such modification.

> I'd take the 500W with a big grain of salt. I had something similar once
> and tried to power a studio VCR, which needed "only" about 300W and it
> couldn't run stable on similar "500W" device. I'd say take something
> that claims no less than 1kVA. Or get a 230V power line if possible in
> your location.

OK, thanks for the tip!


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