Re: CIA 6526 vs 8521

Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 13:55:22 +0100
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On Saturday 07 March 2015, 09:19:33 Gerrit Heitsch <> 
> On 03/05/2015 11:24 PM, wrote:
> > one of my C64s had a 6526(not A or B) with "new" behaviour - that was what
> > made me investigating this issue some more back then (until then, i only
> > saw 6526A with that behaviour myself as well) :)
> If you still have that, could you please check that again? I have a C64
> where the stamp on the chip is '6526', it is seen as '6526A' by the
> software (means new behaviour). But when you take a closer look you  see
> a single 'A' faintly stamped onto the chip about more than a cm away
> from the rest. A photograph is available.

uhm.... hardly, since then i have moved two times and i have no idea which c64 
(like all of us i have a "few" =P) that was (or if i even still have it).


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