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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 12:13:40 +0100
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Hallo smf,

> If you want to be able to build jiffydos based on different kernals

Hmmm, that is something I haven't thought about: mixing JD with the 
Kernal of your choice. The problem: the way I have created my source 
code with conditional branches, -as it is now-, it won't allow 
mixing of codes. The moment I wrote this something popped up into my 
mind that could work but it also would be ugly again.

The overlay method would work. If the result can be assembled is 
another question. JD 5.0 is based on Kernal V3. If JD relies on a 
routine not found in V1, the assembler will notice and end with an 

> It could probably be done by using if to exclude tape code 

With the overlay method exclusion is not needed, the assembler just 
overwrites the original bytes.

> Where it will start to get interesting is if you start adding things 
> like dolphin dos as well, because it might start getting messy. 

With conditional branches, yes. With the overlay method, no (I 

In my last email I mentioned the problem of when do I know if 
comments have to be replaced or not. I think the solution is quite 
simple: if the source code in the overlay file starts with comment, 
the original comment will be replaced. If there isn't any comment, 
the original stays. The same with comments after a block of code.

This leaves the problem: where does comment start and where does it 
end? Lee had the habit to start a block of comment/code with
I myself always found it a bit pretentious but I kept it because it 
was Lee's work. Now I will use it to know where one block will end 
and another will start.

> But I'm sure a solution will present itself at the time.

It seems that you are right :)

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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