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From: David Wood <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 16:36:52 -0500
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It does not.  I gave up on using the terminfo entry I scratched up when I
realized the issues with line links existed on 80 column displays, so it
was never completed.

It appears that the terminfo requirements for window settings require your
TTY to accept input in a format that's not compatible with the CBM screen
driver, so I didn't have their terminfo codes listed.

The text was initially created by making a table of the cbm screen driver's
capabilities, and then applying terminfo codes where appropriate.  Note
that while the cbm display doesn't support direct cursor positioning, it's
still possible to get to a known position by repeatedly sending relative
cursor moves.  I suspect this should satisfy a direct positioning
requirement even if it's a bit slow.

I don't yet have a 'commodore' terminfo entry on my ubuntu system, but I
did find it in Debian.  It uses terminfo tags I'm not good enough to fully
understand, good find!

Does the entry work well when you set the TERM variable to b-128?

On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 4:25 PM, Marko Mäkelä <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 05, 2015 at 07:17:37AM -0500, David Wood wrote:
>> One issue with the screen code in the kernal is that a 'line' can be
>> multiple screen lines in size, affecting scroll, delete line, insert
>> line, and text wrap around the right edge of the screen.
> Oh, I just checked with VICE's xcbm2, and this difference of physical and
> logical lines indeed exists if you use ESC t and ESC b to set the window
> boundaries. Previously I thought that it only exists on the
> narrower-than-80 column screens (up to 4*22 characters on the Vic-20 and
> 2*40 characters on the C64 and 40-column PETs).
> Does your terminfo entry make use of the windows? man 5 terminfo does not
> document "setbotright" or "settopleft". Instead, it documents set_window
> aka wind aka wi.
> I see double HOME (resetting the current window to the full screen) in
> your initstring and reset sequences.
> BTW, in my Debian system, there exists /usr/share/terminfo/c/commodore
> already. It is in binary format (described by man 5 term, it seems). It
> contains the following string and some numbers that seems to correspond to
> cols#80 and lines#24:
> commodore|b-128|Commodore B-128 micro
> So, maybe it is sufficient to use TERM=commodore and a bare-bones terminal
> program written in BASIC, connecting the keyboard and screen with the
> RS-232 device?
> How would I connect the emulated serial port of xcbm2 to a /dev/pts of a
> new shell session, similar to how invoking "xterm" creates a new shell
> process in a new virtual terminal? The documentation
> does not mention an example
> of this usage.
> BTW, ESC c (autoins off) should trigger the POST on all Digital VT series
> terminals. At least it does that on the VT220 and VT420, taking maybe half
> a minute to complete. When using xterm, gnome-terminal or xfce4-terminal, I
> occasionally use "echo -ne '\ec'" to empty the scrollback buffer before
> outputting something big to the terminal, to be viewed with
> Shift-PageUp/Shift-PageDown.
>         Marko
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