Re: 6502 with logic sniffer

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 19:48:19 -0600
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On 1/2/2015 4:35 PM, Uffe Jakobsen wrote:
> On 2015-01-02 23:09, didier derny wrote:
>> The cbm3000 had a relatively short life around 1979/1980
>> I'm using this product: 
>> I give up this product is hell, loosing the usb serial port (need 
>> reboot each time it is disconnected)
>> The documentation is poor, browsing a lot of web pages to find some 
>> elementary information's
> Aah, yes the Open Bench LogicSniffer, I have one of those.
> Are you using the OLS java GUI ?
> I have no serial port problems on linux - but guessing from your 
> mail-client I guess that you are on Windows.
>> Apparently the vhdl code for this specific model is not available
>> (I wanted to check the .ucf file to find the information I needed)
> Yes, It seems to closed source - there seems to be no development on 
> its features (and bugs) - it is a dead project.
> Compared to other commercial LAs its proces is extremely low for up to 
> 32 channels.
> It has some nice features- up to 200Mhz sampling - *BUT* only 216k 
> sampling memory (not so nice). That is compensated by its ability to 
> do RLE compression of its samples - which often can save you 
> especially with low-frequency retro systems like CBMs where it in 
> theory can stream the RLE samples to the host system "forever"...
How does that compare to the LWLA1034?  I bought one a few months back, 
but have not done much with it.  It was USD$70.00, so I thought it worth 
a gamble.  It seems to work fine, all channels are 0-5V capable.

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