Re: C64 GS

From: Marko Mäkelä <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 13:40:10 +0200
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Hi Ruud,

>>I initially did version control by a compile-time constant, and it got 
>>messy as soon as there was some refactoring of the code.
>Same problem over here. But then I wrote a little program that created 
>the individual versions out of the main one.

So, in essence, you reinvented another part of a version control system 
(checking out a branch from a repository).

>And if I want to study something, I take one of those generated files, 
>not the original one.

This is the same with a version control system: you do not access the 
repository directly.

>And if I see an error or want to change/add comment, I only have to 
>edit the main source code and to run the program again to get all files 
>up to date.

This would be easier with a version control system that supports 
branches (such as svn or git). You would commit the changes to one 
branch and then merge it to related branches. When doing this, you would 
also create change history with some comment about the change. Access to 
the revision history can be useful for example if some time later you do 
not understand or remember what the change was about.

This is a hobby, and it is of course OK to do whatever makes you 
comfortable. I also have no right to complain here, because I have not 
done anything for the 8-bit systems lately, due to my day job demanding 
all the coding capacity of my brain. :(

Maybe after more than a decade of professional software development, I 
have a more dull view, preferring to use widely used freely available 
tools instead of rolling my own.

It is somewhat sad that there is no single established standard for an 
assembler, not even for contemporary systems (even if we ignore Windows, 
where many things are done differently by convention). Some projects use 
the GNU assembler, others use NASM, and so on.


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