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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 21:13:35 +0100
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Hallo Spiro,

> Wouldn't the time better be invested in trying to make one version
> better, onstead of everyone building their own version?

For the simple reason that I already had them laying around and it 
was just a matter of combining them into one file.

I also have the commented source codes for the 1571 and the 1581. 
These are based on the original Commodore sources, including 
comments. I also have the source codes for the 8x50. I don't have 
the ones for the 2031, 4040 and 90x0.

> My sources include the 2031, 1540, all known 1541, the 1570, 1571
> and 1571CR ROMs, including JD.

I had a look at them and I miss one thing: comments. Or did I miss 

Anyway, the above triggered me to have another look and I know now 
at least how to convert my conditional branches into CA65 ones.

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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