Re: New three versions of C64 source code

From: Kajtár Zsolt <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 17:53:51 +0100
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>> But I must admit that using conditional branches certainly has 
>> advantages when handling patches. But I wouldn't use macros, I myself 
>> would like to see the various changes right at the spot.
> That can be done very good with the approach that I proposed that uses 
> segments. But, you're right, this wouldn't be very cross-assembler.

With segments you'll have the conditions hidden in a different file, I'm not
sure this helps figuring out what compiles when. Not that tons of nested ifs
are much better.

Alternatively what about just including the original (either source or
binary), and then just really patches like this:

*=$xxxx   ; stuff patched
jsr patch

*=$yyyy  ; patch area
patch rts

Sure this only works for non-shifting code, but that's mostly the case.
Drawback is that the context is not visible any more, unless it's put in
comments or is just repeated.

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