Re: New three versions of C64 source code

From: Kajtár Zsolt <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 15:53:46 +0100
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> I find it very surprising how good the VIC20 and the C64 KERNAL much
> each other. Even for the code for the IEC bus, the differences are
> almost minimal if you do some good defines to account for the
> differences. It is much harder to combined the 1571CR and the 1571
> sources.

This is also interesting. I've added the drive ROM sources I've been sitting
on in the last 4 years. Nothing ground breaking there, except maybe for the
1541 which was not available before (as far as I know).

Could you create a branch from the 1571 sources and apply some patches based
on your disassemblies until it'll match the 1571CR ROM? If it's CA65 only
it's no problem. Creating a plain 1571 source for CA65 might be a worthwhile
intermediate step.

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