Re: New three versions of C64 source code

From: Kajtár Zsolt <>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 19:54:58 +0100
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> now contains the three one-file
> versions but also the splitted versions (correct English?). Each one-file
> version has been split up in four parts: C64-xxH.axx = Header C64-xxV.axx
> = Variables C64-xxB.axx = Basic C64-xxK.axx = Kernal

I'm not sure if this splitting is useful at this point. But I'm pretty sure
it could be split up in a useful way like tape routines, math, IEC stuff etc.

> For Patryk: be my guest to host them.

I've put them here, I hope you don't mind:

It's not that I'd like to start yet another personal project, from those I
have too many already ;) I'm happy to add everyone interested in pushing

As for why I choose this location: it's because the other one was down at
the moment.

> I didn't see any comment on my last email where I mentioned that I didn't
> succeed in creating one file. So I may assume that I was correct?

That's because I didn't sent it. I think "dumbing down" the source to meet
this goal makes it less readable. Basically this was achieved by turning all
text constants into .byte with hexadecimal values in the 1520 source. And of
course all calculations were discarded.

If someone makes such a version that's great! After all it's a useful base
for other not yet included assemblers. It's just that it should not be the
only available version.

> Anyway, I consider my work on this project done for the moment. And I
> still have my IEEE project waiting for me....

Thanks for your effort!

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