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On Tuesday 11 November 2014, 14:45:46 wrote:
> On 2014-11-10 22:28, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> > The problem I see with github, SF and similar is that the code is not
> > mine (or the code of others). It belongs to descendants of good old
> > Commodore or whoever bought them, and noone is really sure about that. I
> > am sure that github and SF prohibit such things to be hosted on their
> > servers.
> We discussed this some time ago. We also read and discussed the terms of
> service. My conclusion is that IF they find it offensive, we shall
> bother about it. Unless we believe that the ghosts of CBM copyright
> "owners" rise to harm the community (they can't profit from it - so the
> only goal could be to do harm), then the worst what can happen is that
> we'll have to move to a self-hosted upstream repository with a few days
> break in the service. Having that in mind and after probably too many
> thoughts I came to believe that the best way is not to prematurely
> optimise the infrastructure/approach in this context. As long as we use
> git, there is no problem of seizure at least.
> And the other thing is that while the code is in fact written by
> somebody else, the documentation for it is done by "us". What we do for
> the community is we /document/ that old work. True, some ill-willed may
> question it but that's how I'd like to present it anyway. We put a
> substantial amount of work to help those old bits live rather than
> disappear from the existence.

even back in the days when commodore was still an active company, every decent 
programming book contained the full kernal (and sometimes also basic) 
sourcecode/disassembly with comments. it becoming a problem 30 years later is 
more than unlikely, imho :) (they also gave explicit permission to use their 
ROMs in emulators, unfortunately never "officially". someone with a decent 
news archive from the early 90s might be able to dig it up...)

that said, we were in contact with mammoth toys (who made the DTV) a while ago 
and one of the topics brought up was licensing the ROMs... guess what, even 
they don't know how to do that, or who actually owns the rights to them these 
days (and they still used it in a commercial product, without getting sued).


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