Re: SCSI drive replacement using SD?

From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 10:38:10 +0100
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On 11/03/2014 12:10 AM, wrote:
> Most Amigas either use or can use IDE/PATA. For those you can connect a
> decent CF card with only mechanical interface. My Amigas run on those
> for a long time already.

I think this is an overstatement. Basically only the last series of
Amigas came with an IDE controller (the Gayle chip) and those
were the 600, the 1200 and the 4000. All other Amigas either shipped
with on-board SCSI (like the 3000) or didn't have an on-board
controller at all (1000, 500, 500+, 2000) and if they had a controller,
it was SCSI in most cases.

Also, most SCSI controllers are much faster on the Amiga in my
experience which is why we (the Debian/m68k porters) are preferring
to use these over the internal IDE controller of the 4000, for example.
The only problem we have at the moment is that the vanilla kernel
has lost support for the SCSI controller of the Blizzard accelerator
boards which means many Amigas currently can't boot Linux. Luckily,
some Linux/m68k developers have resurrected the driver and it now
works but is yet to be merged upstream.

Thus, the only current solution for most Amigas to use a modern,
quiet and fast hard disk or flash device is to buy one of these
SCSI-IDE bridges which are quite expensive. I was lucky to buy one
off eBay which was attached to a Yamaha CRW-F1 drive and paid
just around 35 Euros for the drive including the bridge. Normally
those bridges cost more than 100 Euros.

However, if anyone knows a cheaper method to replace old SCSI drives
on my Amigas and 68k-Macs, I would be very happy to hear.


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