Re: SCSI drive replacement using SD?

From: Didier Derny <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 09:20:09 +0100
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ever tried this product ?

On 03/11/2014 00:10, wrote:
> On 2014-11-02 23:16, Justin wrote:
>> Has anyone seen a decent solution for a solid state replacement?  I’m
>> thinking I’d like to do this for some of my Amiga and Mac systems
>> where the drives are ancient and noisy as hell.  I can’t tell anymore
>> whether they were always this loud or if they’re dying…
> Most Amigas either use or can use IDE/PATA. For those you can connect 
> a decent CF card with only mechanical interface. My Amigas run on 
> those for a long time already.
> SCSI is more tricky. The only solution that I fond BOTH fast and 
> reliable was an interface from ACARD that converts SCSI to PATA for - 
> again - connecting a CF card. My OnyxSGI worked this way for some time 
> as well as A3000. Combinations with SD card to PATA adapters also work 
> reasonably well then. ACARD adapter is very good but quite expensive too.

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