Re: Dumps of PET 8032 ROMS "KRAM 2.0" and "VISICALC"

From: Christian Dirks <>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 18:14:05 +0200
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A friend recently gave me some manuals for scanning.
One of them was the german manual for 'superkram'.
This reminded me that I had 'superkram' on one of my old disks, but
never tried what it was.
Google found an ad for 'superkram' in the april 1981 issue of compute!.
According to this ad, 'superkram' is the successor of 'kram 2.0'

I put the puzzle together, the package contains:
- scanned superkram manual (German!)
- .d64 image with superkram program files and EPROM file
  (these where part of a disk which contained a unsorted software
collection, so I am not sure if this is complete)
- the superkram ad from compute!
The package ist at:

I haven't tested it yet, so if anyone tries it, please let us know, if
the package works.

Am 19.10.2014 15:41, schrieb Ville Laustela:
> Hello.
> I have just recently bought an GQ-4X USB programmer, and have just dumped two EPROMs my PET 8032 has, KRAM 2.0 and Visicalc.
> According to an old thread on Lemon64 (, it was suggested that the KRAM is a "A fast and easy way to use the method of storing and retrieving data on disk”. Any idea what that is and how to use it? Visicalc is for the copy-protected version of Visicalc.
> Here are the dumps of the KRAM 2.0 and Visicalc EPROMs, for those interested:
> I have had the programmer for two days so I am not sure if these are correctly read (chip type was set according to the chips, HN462532, no errors received and the Visicalc dump has english text inside the file so it looks good, other than that, I have no idea). I am still learning.
> I couldn't test these in emulator as I have no idea how the KRAM is supposed to work (even on the real hardware). I have a d80 of the chip-protected Visicalc disk, but I couldn't figure out how to attach the BIN file to VICE emulator (tried as ROM A/B, but then the emulator wouldn't reset: only black screen).
> Other than these two, I don't think I have any un-available/rare ROMs (thought these two were as I was asked to dump them) in my machines but I'll keep looking. Also I am interested to try upgrading my 1526 printer's ROM to the later version.
> Cheers,
> Ville L.
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Christian Dirks

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