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From: Ville Laustela <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 13:23:40 +0300
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Some years ago I bought an 128Dcr as ”non working”, it was described as having went completely dead with a hint of PSU failure. 

The PSU in that machine was a very simple linear transformer (no fan) and all it needed was replacing of two bigger capacitors, both were shorted. I replaced all caps, I think there was only a few anyway. After that the machine has worked flawlessly (ie. there was no damage caused by the faulted PSU).

It seems that I wrote a short post about it in Lemon64, there are some pics, too:
The two golden-coloured caps were the main fault.


Travis Fisher <> kirjoitti 10.10.2014 kello 8.25:

> I retrieved my old commodore 128 dcr from storage at my parent's house where it sat unused for about 20 years.  Perhaps foolishly, I plugged it in and turned it on, with no results.  Taking it apart I found the 1A 250V fuse in the power supply was burned through (or possibly just broken from jostling).  Replacing that, I tried again.  The drive stepper moved a bit then it was dead again, not even power LED.  
> The good news is, nothing is obviously fried -- no cooked electronics odor or burn-marks on parts.  But reading a bit more, I'm guessing some or all of the electrolytic capacitors are not working properly after 20 years sitting.  (Though again, there are no obvious poofed-out tops or leaking material).  And now having powered it up with a malfunctioning power supply, who knows what other little bits may have hidden damage.
> I would like to revive this machine.  Any suggestions?  I have zero soldering experience; is replacing the capacitors on the power supply board doable as a learn-to-solder project?  Is it easier to find suitable wall-wart supplies and just patch these in for the 9v and 5v inputs?

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