Re: R-DOS (REX DOS??) on an oceanic 1541 clone drive

From: Julian Perry <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 08:58:34 +1100
Message-ID: <>
Spiro. Thanks for that information - very detailed and enlightening.
Odd that it only checks the upper 8K, particularly as it's contained
in a single 128kbit ROM.
Armed with your information, I'll have a poke around inside :)

RE: the KU-14194HB

I've managed to revive this board. The symptom was a black screen
After testing the normal suspects (PLA, VIC, kernel ROM), I pulled out
an oscilloscope, and quickly determined that it was, in fact, running - just
no luminance output, (only chroma).

It's very definitely a KU board - pictures of the worklog can be found

Thanks for the tip re: leaky electrolytics in the video can. I've seen
it before in my personal original 250407 board - it was very nasty.
Recapping the board is definitely on my to-do list, and although the
caps in the video can do not appear to be leaking, they'll definitely
be cooked.
As an aside - KU boards seem to have a bad reputation for edgy
timing glitches, but this one seems OK. It runs an Easyflash3 quite
happily, even in kernel replacement mode, and handles VSP without
memory corruptons - I guess I just got lucky.
The SID is running awful hot in this example - It still works fine, but it's of
concern. I'll likely drop a heatsink on it before I'm done.

I'm still puzzled that a schematic for this rather quirky board seems
to be MIA.


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