Re: Commodore PET front label?

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:15:24 +0200
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Hi André,

I've got a European 4032 that looks exactly like your label. As per 
Nils' reply, I'm pretty sure it's caused by cleaning. The black 
background on some of these labels comes off very easily. In my case I 
was using aroma-free petrol to remove the glue from the remains of 
another label, which works great as petrol is usually plastic safe, 
unlike acetone. Unfortunately though, one accidental contact with the 
label immediately removed the black background, ruining the label. I 
removed the rest to make it look consistent and it looked exactly like 


On 24/08/2014 22:15, A. Fachat wrote:
> I've started repairing a Fat40 #commodore pet 4032, and the first thing 
> is the
> white front panel label as you can see here
> or
> You can barely make out the "Commodore" - almost as imprint on the 
> label on
> the left in the second picture, or the "2" or maybe "32" from the 4032 
> model
> number on the right.
> I couldn't find any other similar label in the PET labels page here
> What's interesting is that the background is white, and at least the 
> model
> number looks dark - instead of the usual white-on-dark printing.
> Has anyone seen this kind of label before? Is this something 
> "underneath" the
> real label? Or has someone glued something on top of the original? Has 
> some
> original printing been bleached by sunlight?
> Any ideas appreciated!
> André
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