Re: ROM Dump of Amiga Keyboard controller

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:04:09 +0200
Message-ID: <>
On 08/19/2014 05:10 AM, Jim Brain wrote:

> 23cd71855daba5f728babd7048a52e8a *./6570/0e.txt
> 23cd71855daba5f728babd7048a52e8a *./6571/0e.txt
> 5f72aaf1e57f1b5fd549fa62166eeb80 *./6570/09.txt
> 5f72aaf1e57f1b5fd549fa62166eeb80 *./6571/09.txt
> 636035b09de6f42a2d8a388796cda052 *./6570/08.txt
> 636035b09de6f42a2d8a388796cda052 *./6571/08.txt
> 63da23b2ddde1224938bd82d945c428e *./6570/0c.txt
> 63da23b2ddde1224938bd82d945c428e *./6571/0c.txt
> 93101f945d14d25b5d2236d8a4f42941 *./6570/0d.txt
> 93101f945d14d25b5d2236d8a4f42941 *./6571/0d.txt
> 9699bcd085a445c050d34881137fccba *./6570/0a.txt
> 9699bcd085a445c050d34881137fccba *./6571/0a.txt
> bc6f1f44196ea99d0a475b4144109852 *./6570/0b.txt
> bc6f1f44196ea99d0a475b4144109852 *./6571/0b.txt
> f1e35385dc09a7b0308b83dff544e83b *./6570/0f.txt
> f1e35385dc09a7b0308b83dff544e83b *./6571/0f.txt
> So, according to this, the 2 CPUs have the same code in them.  You had
> stated that the ICs were not interchangeable, which seems odd given that
> the code is the same. ( I checked and I did not dump the same ROM twice,
> but I will check again tomorrow night.)

Yes... If I plug the 6570-036 into my keyboard-with-socketed-controller, 
I get a blink from CAPS-Lock at power on and the keyboard works. If I do 
that with the 6571-036, I get a constantly on CAPS-Lock and nothing 
works. Tried that more than once.

BTW: Even stranger. If you remove the paper sticker from the 6571-036, 
you get a completly different part number.


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