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Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 22:48:42 +1000
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Hello Silverdr,

Monday, June 2, 2014, 10:18:12 PM, you wrote:


> On 2014-06-02 at 02:24:48, Julian Perry ( wrote:

>> I have Inside Commodore DOS - will scan, clean up, and send to you.

> Thank you.

You can find it at .
I'll post up a tiff later (Flickr decided to convert to jpeg, even
though I told it not too- still the resolution is enough to overcome
that anyway. I'm afraid my copy is rather "Well loved", and as a
result it may not be up to your requirements.

>> (At the time, I actually had the book unbound, copied out to a
>> ring-bound copy, and reassembled!) Whilst the disassembly contained
>> some errors, 

> If you remember or marked, or can easily find where the errors were
> - your inputs would be highly appreciated so that we can correct
> them in the finished conversion. We are now only beginning chapter
> five of this book so it’ll still be some time before the “original”
> conversion is finished but once done - it would be great to have the
> material ready for updating and correcting the errors.
Had a look, my comments are in the ring-bound version that I wasn't
able to lay my hands on. from memory, the main errors lay in some
supposedly unused ZP memory locations that actually WERE used.

>> Are you after the scans of any other "Tomes of wisdom", in particular?

> Since I started the “Project 64 Reloaded” and it yielded already
> some good results, I shall be looking for every position that makes
> it to the project’s repository. It’s not like “just about anything”
> it is rather about those truly remarkable ones. For the 64/1541
> these are the four I believe are “must haves”:

> - Mapping The Commodore 64
> - Commodore 64 Programmer’s Reference Guide
> - Das Große Floppybuch zur 1541
> - Inside Commodore DOS
My C64 bible was the "Commodore64 whole Memory Guide". The only
reference copy I can find is at .
Little more than a bound fixed-pitch dot-matrix printout, it was a
dry, raw, detailed & annotated description & disassembly of every
memory location & register in the C64. a PRG on steroids, so to speak.
Since it seems rare as rocking-horse crap - any suggestions on how I
might go about scanning it?


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