RE: Who owns a 8050/8250 with tandon drives?

From: Martin Hoffmann-Vetter <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 21:56:59 +0200
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> The Commodore part numbers not only refer to the contents of the
> ROMs, but also the technology used to make the ROMs.  Different part
> numbers do not necessarily mean different contents in the ROMs.

Yes, i know this. The roms for the 1581 exists with two part numbers. One
for mask rom and an other for eproms. But it exists part where one part
number is used for mask roms _and_ eproms!

So it's possible, the produce process of the 901466-01 it changed and now
the part number is changed to 901466-02, too.

> I have seen Commodore documentation that refers to DOS 1.0, and in
> other documentation the same parts are DOS 1.2.  Commodore's
> documentation is unreliable when it comes to version numbers.  That's
> why I use the number that is contained in the ROM.

Yes, that's a problem. Some documentaion is not changed when DOS 1.2 is
released. Other documentation forgot the DOS 1.0. So it's hard to find what
is true.

> By the way, What happened to DOS 1.1?

I would say, never released. I've found no referenced to this version. For
DOS 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4, too.

Btw, is DOS 2.1 released after DOS 2.5?


>> Btw, at this time a analyse the bus controller roms. So i found we
>> have the DOS 1.2 with the roms 901468-06 and 901468-07. The next
>> version is DOS 2.1 (!) with the roms 901468-11, 901468-12 and
>> 901468-13. Why is this version
>> 2.1? Look into the source code from this rom called You
>> find the reference to that roms! So the 901468-14, 901468-15 and
>> 901468-16 is an revised version 2.1. I would say, it exists an DOS
>> 2.0 with the roms 901468-08, 901468-09 and 901468-10. But at this
>> time the DOS 1.0 and 2.0 are missing.
>> Look at the DOS 2.5. There are two known revisions. The first one is
>> rom 901482-03 and 901482-04. The second one is 901482-06 and
>> 901482-07. Both version have the code at the same addresses. No
>> movement is detected. So the 901482-06 and 901482-07 is an revised
>> version from 901482-03 and 901482-04. But if you look at the "The
>> Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology" you will find a 8050 disk
>> rom map. These labels are not useable for both rom versions. The
>> referenced routine "AUTOIT" was removed and all code behind change
>> the addresses! So it must be exists an early version 2.5 with the
>> roms 901482-01 and 901482-02! This first reevision of a DOS 2.5 is
>> missing, too.
>> Who knows anything about this missing version?
>> Martin
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