Re: 'Frankenstein' Disk Drives, Done Cheap

From: Pete Rittwage <>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 22:35:32 -0400 (EDT)
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On Fri, April 25, 2014 10:25 pm, Jim Brain wrote:
> On 4/25/2014 1:22 PM, Ingo Korb wrote:
>> "smf" <> writes:
>>> I guess commodore dropped the ball again as the 1571 connected to a
>>> zoomfloppy can run really fast.
>> As far as I can tell from occasional postings on various forums, the
>> Zoomfloppy/1571 combination seems to suffer from reliability problems
>> and the usual advice given is to use a very short, high quality
>> cable. Therefore it appears that Commodore did not "drop the ball again"
>> but instead chose reliability over speed, which most sane companies
>> would do in this situation to reduce support costs and to avoid the
>> impression that their products are unreliable.
>> -ik
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> We probably (if it's not an option already) should have an option for
> slowing down the SRQ transfer bit rate to create a "known good" transfer
> speed with flags to speed it up if it works.

Arnd Menge wrote that code, but as I recall, it has to get a byte on or
off the disk in less than 32 cpu cycles (possibly ~64 in 2MHz mode), so I
believe it was tuned how it needed to be to replace the parallel cable.  I
doubt it could be slowed down...

-Pete Rittwage

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