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> From: Rhialto
>> On Tue 22 Apr 2014 at 21:41:54 +0200, wrote:
>>> Timezones are my favourite (not unique to the US/UK though) one. If
>>> you wonder who owns (without content yet) you
>>> guessed it right ;-)
>> Well one thing wrong with them is ...
> ... that they still exist, are still in use and keep confusing people, causing serious mistakes/errors on one hand and keep conditioning (if not to say: brainwashing) people to believe that there is no other way as to keep them in use.
>> how in Europe they are completely the wrong shape.
> Also Chinese realised that this all brings more harm than good and were smart enough to get rid of that BS in regards to their country.
>> If you look at a map it would make a whole lot of sense to
>> include the Netherlands with the UK time zone, and also Belgium, France
>> and Spain. The eastern border of that group of countries is pretty
>> close to the straight line which would nominally divide the time zones.
>> Saying "But then there is time difference between neighbouring coutries"
>> doesn't cut any mustard, since that is already true anyway, just in
>> different places. For instance between Spain and Portugal (which should
>> move a time zone to the west).
> a) there is no (real) need for them. In fact in places where mistakes are really not acceptable (military, aviation, ..) they’ve been ruled out already and things - surprise, surprise - still work :-)
> b) as you noticed they don’t even reflect the “daylight” time properly. The most eastern part of Poland and the most western part of Spain share the same timezone. Whole China does the same. Etc. This alone says how “necessary” they are
>> And "Daylight Saving Time", which doesn't save any daylight, or "summer
>> time" as it is called in the Netherlands, which is less and less "summer
>> time" now that it is in effect 7 out of 12 months of the year. There are
>> too many devices with clocks to adjust, and those that do it
>> "automatically" will get it wrong, because the rules keep changing.
> As are the timezones. Bringing even more confusion (does this device understand the new rules and adjusted itself already or is it still on the old one?)
> The good part is that once we get rid of the zones, DST will go with them ;-) I am not sure if I live long enough to see all this crap gone but if I ever receive Nobel Prize, this should be for freeing humanity from this distracting, obsolete, confusing, or just plainly harmful invention.
> And our C-64 RTCs will all show the same time. Everywhere! :-D

The reason we have time zones here is because there are time zones. It 
simply isn't the same time here in Western Australia as it is in NSW.  
If we changed our zone to one uniform time, we would put ourselves at a 
disadvantage with our trading partners in Asia as we would lose trading 
hours of the day.
Unless all of Australia changed to WA time but that would never happen.

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