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I actually like those flat-top slotted brass screws that are/were used in a
lot of German and other European electronics; esthetically very satisfying
somehow with a well-fitting screwdriver.

The Robertson screws were invented and manufactured just down the road from
where I live, and have been widely used in Canada for pretty well anything
since early in the last century; He was demonstrating a spring-loaded
screwdriver when the blade slipped from the screw-slot and badly cut his
hand, and that inspired the Robertson drive.

He tried for years to get some large American manufacturers to start using
them with relatively little success, Philips being preferred; frustrating 
because most vintage (and even new) electronic equipment uses Philips screws 
which are relatively hard to find up here in Canada.

They did finally catch on in the US, although I think they still don't have
much penetration in Europe or the Far East; many cheap multi-bit screwdriver
sets still don't have Robertson bits.

And don't think about working on HP/Compaq equipment without a T-15 Torx


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> If I find flat head screws in a pile that are loose, I throw them away.
> I'll hang onto the phillips ones, but flat is just a knuckle cut waiting
> to happen.  And don't even bother trying to use them with a high speed
> drill (as a power screwdriver).
> Many years ago, when the local home improvement center (Menards in the
> Midwest, but I think others handle them as well now) started carrying
> "drywall" screws with Robertson (square) heads, I made a switch and never
> looked back.  They are not perfect, but they are *SO* much better than
> Phillips.  I use drywall screws with the coarse threads for all home
> renovation framing and drywall, pretty much everything.
> Last year, I started using "SPAX" screws for framing, and they have a T-25
> Torx head.  Very impressive!
> More impressive still is the FastenMaster "spider" bit system. Prepare to
> wrench your hand off the drill if you plow one of these into wood.
> Interesting that both, I believe use metric bits, but are specified in
> Imperial lengths (2 7/8", 4 1/2", etc.) :-)
> Also interesting (to get back onto some semblance of topic), Many US C64Cs
> were held together with small Torx screws, as I recall. Contrary to what I
> said above, I hate those screws on the C64Cs.  If I am using one for any
> length of time and have to open it, I pitch the "official" screws in a
> container (which I keep for just this purpose) and replace with the
> Phillips #6 pan-head ones.  I know, what a inconsistent stance...
> Jim
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> Jim Brain
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