Re: Interesting programming description for bank selection

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:06:16 +0200
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On 04/23/2014 07:50 AM, Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> We Europeans should keep quiet about the US date formats, because the
> German-influenced countries (most of continental Europe) are writing the
> street name before the street number, breaking the little-endian order.

It's better that way though. Since you first go to the street and then 
look for the number of the house. So as long as you read from left to 

Zip code and city, well, by now one could leave out the City and just 
use the Zip code.

As for the date... I got used to writing dd-mmm-yyyy (example: 
04-mar-2014) when exchanging mail or documents with people in the USA. 
So far that prevented confusion on either side.


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