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> On 23/04/2014 3:38 AM, MikeS wrote:
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>>> On Tue, April 22, 2014 1:21 pm, Gerrit Heitsch wrote:
>>>> On 04/22/2014 08:21 AM, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
>>>>> I guess that the reluctance to implement
>>>>> certain international standards, such as the Metric system, is coming
>>>>> from that too (American people are too used to the imperial system).
>>>> That's no excuse, everyone else managed to move to metric just fine and
>>>> if the USA was willing to do it, it would be done in one generation.
>>>> That means it's a lack of will or lazyness. :)
>>>> After all, where it counts (soda bottles :)), the move to metric (2l
>>>> bottles) was no problem at all.
>>> We learned it in school back in the 1970's, and learned how to convert
>>> back and forth.  Most Americans can convert on the fly when needed.
>>> It's
>>> just that not everything here is sold that way... With nothing to force
>>> it
>>> to happen, it doesn't need to... It's not like it stops trade or
>>> anything.
>>> We buy many things that are measured metrically, just not everything.
>>> Gas is in gallons, large soda in liters.  Small soda's are ounces,
>>> cocaine
>>> is in kilos.. :)
>>> We just accept it as some things are measured one way and some things
>>> another.
>>> -Pete Rittwage
>> There will always be people who will insist that there is only one
>> "correct" way of doing something and denigrate anyone who chooses to do
>> things differently (often applying epithets like "lazy", "lack of will"
>> and worse to entire nations (races, religions, ages, genders, etc.) of
>> people...
>> Why does the US or any of its citizens need to 'make excuses' for
>> retaining Imperial measurements in some areas where they make sense? They
>> are not the only nation to do so, by the way...
>> Reassuring to see that judgment and prejudice have survived the mid '40s;
>> let's hear it for the One World Order - one language, one currency, etc.
>> When was the last time that the US still using Imperial measurements for
>> *some* categories has affected any of you folks ?
>> (I'm not American BTW)
> The last time I worked on a Jeep and didn't have the correct imperial
> socket even though most of the car was in fact metricated.

Pshaw! That's why the Americans invented Vise Grips!

Can't please some people; complain about the Yanks using the (British)
*Imperial* system, and still complain when they try to make you happy by
switching to metric...

Bet you don't have those odd Torx-like bits/sockets they use in Audis and
Mercs either, for example...

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