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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 02:05:44 +0100 (CET)
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Hi, friends

I'm also playing those days with "more than 8 bits" commodore systems. I've wake up my A1000 and it's sidecar (wanted to try a newly built XT2CF board from "Lo tech /Peacon LTD" and I'm facing with a quite enoying thing : My sidecar's 5 1/4 floppy drive (what operate perfectly well) acts as a 720Kb drive ! With a such behaviour, I can't transfer anything to/from the sidecar and the rest of the world ... Catweasel with a Teac FD55BR100U can't go over track 40, XP hangs while trying to read the floppy on a regular panasonic 1.2meg drive, even the M24 fails after reading track 0 (as expectable) !

So, one question comes in my mind : Sidecars (and bridgeboards) are supposed to have 5 1/4 drives of 360Kb from all docs I've been able to find - How is it possible to have this one working in 720K ? I've found nowhere any jumper saying anything about this (only 1 to 4 floppy options - no size choice).

Another question : I've tryed an A1011 from my CDTV as a secondary "PC" floppy ... It's correctly accessed/selected, but, no way to use/format a 720K DD 3 1/2 floppy. The same A1011, with tyhe same floppy works perfectly from the "A1000" side. Does anyone have a rational idea on this second point ?

Next try will be to fit a regular 360K only floppy (no idea on what this side car will be able to do with it ... but I have really few hope)

Any suggestion welcome !


Regards - Hervé

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> > Are there any other, interesting PDFs down your “CBM/PDF” directory? ;-)
> Usually, if someone asks for something, I put things there, that I found
> somewhere else on the internet.
> So, just ask for what you need, and I will put it there, if I have it ;)

I see - actually I thought about rummaging around and maybe finding something interesting ;-)

No problem of course. Thank you for your answer.


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