Commodore 9060/9090 repair

From: didier derny <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 14:29:24 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Apparently a solution almost exist to repair the broken 9060/9090

a board:  SCSI2SD permit to connect a board converting SCSI  to a sdcard

the commodore is not SCSI but SASI  some differences exists:

- no termpower on SASI   (it is possible to build a custom cable with 
the termpower wire removed)
- on the 9060/9090  the ATN and Parity Lines are not connected
- the 9060/9090 is using vendor specific commands.

everything could probably work with a custom cable + some modification 
in the firmware of the board.

this board has a support for a replacement of SCSI drives in apples.

he could eventually add the support for SASI   commodore 9060/9090 if 
someone is interested.
but some help would me needed

on my side I have

- schematics take from zimmers.
- several sasi document from shugart and from sasi to mfm converter
- I have disassembled and commented the firmware using sasi commands...
- I have a list of the command used by this firmware

I'm stuck on:
- the datasheet for the CMI  SASI <-> MFM  (no way to find it)
- the mapping of the  error codes  between SASI errors codes <--> 
commdore error codes

I dont have any way to test (no 9060/9090)

I think his solution could be interesting if adapted to the commodore.


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